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Nicole and Aaron at RACV Country Club

The RACV Country Club in Healesville really has everything a couple could want on their wedding day, including rooms to prepare in, a stunning ceremony location, big and classy reception room, lots of great photo spots, and the chance to ride on a golf buggy. And Nicole and Aaron certainly made the most of it! There were a few nervous moments (especially when one of the groomsmen hid Aaron’s bowtie) but overall this was such a fun day – especially whenever flowergirl Isla got in on the action. She’s the daughter of bridal party members Reahn and Dale, whose wedding we filmed in 2010 – it’s wonderful to catch up with couples again after a few years and see how their families are growing.

Nicole sprung a special surprise for Aaron at the ceremony – a beautiful song performed by her brother and a friend.

RACV Country Club
Photography by Natalie Davies

Negin and Max

Various cultures have the beautiful tradition of the ‘first look’ – that moment when the bride and groom first see each other. Away from the overwhelming emotions of a public ceremony, it becomes a very intimate and personal moment. So it is with Negin and Max, both from a Persian background. The intensity of the moment is written all Max’s face – while Negin, naturally more light-hearted and fun-loving, just can’t stop smiling. After the meeting there were lots of photos to take with the family and bridal party before everyone headed north to Ballara in the beautiful green surroundings of Eltham. Ballara is one of those wonderful ‘all-in-one’ venues where there’s room for outdoor/indoor ceremonies as well as the reception. Makes it very easy for everyone! The Craig Francis band got the place jumping at the reception, but it was the Persian music that really got the guests excited.

Mark Dayman photography
Mario M Anders – celebrant

Renee and Chris

Renee and Chris’ sensational and glamorous wedding at Morning Star Estate and The Baths Middle Brighton. Lots of (very) English humour from Chris and his groomsmen, a very playful and radiant bride, and the Melbourne weather was perfect for the many local and international guests. The couple had a fantastically happy and funny day that made the most of Melbourne’s location by the bay.

Morning Star Estate
The Baths Middle Brighton
Celebrant: David Schneider
Photography by Natalie Davies – one of our absolute favourite photographers

Dorothy and Daniel

A Polish wedding = vodka, dancing, bread + salt + vodka, crazy games, and a whole lot of partying! Dorothy and Daniel had a fabulous fun day, supported by three of the most glamorous bridesmaids ever (even in their dressing gowns) and three excitable groomsmen. After the intense emotions at the ceremony, the bridal party well and truly relaxed for the photos with New Zealand photographers James and Cam – then pumped up the excitement for their entrance at Quat Quatta. Dorothy and Daniel pulled off a spectacular bridal dance as soon as they entered the reception, which inspired the guests to some of the wildest dancing I’ve seen in a while!

St Ignatius, Richmond
Quat Quatta
Chasewild Photography
TopDog DJ

Brittany and Luke

It seems appropriate that the wedding of a pilot and an ex-flight attendant should be our first video to feature some high-flying drone footage! It makes the most of the beautiful venue Brittany and Luke chose for their wedding day, Immerse Winery – from the vineyard-surrounded chapel to the nearby hill for photos after the ceremony. With everything happening onsite (including the preparations) this was such an easygoing and fun day, just like the couple! Cathy Reeve (an ex-colleague of Brittany and Luke’s) did a great job in her first-ever wedding ceremony, and Mish Edstein added to the fun while taking the photos.

Immerse Winery
Catherine Reeve, celebrant
Mish Edstein, photography