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Raina and Cory’s wedding movie

Not a short highlights video, this is Raina and Cory’s full wedding movie. The longer the movie, the more of the day we can include – and there were so many great moments from this day we overshot the 15-minute target! I love the way both Raina and Cory got emotional in their vows – usually only one person will get teary (if it happens at all). And then the bridal dance was sensational – in fact it was so much fun we’re going to share the full dance in a separate post. DJ Bruce Harrison kept things lively and entertaining at the reception in his usual inimitable fashion.

Tatra Receptions
David Schneider celebrant
Will Chao photographer
Bruce Harrison DJ

Elise and Phill

Here’s something unique – a teacup ride at a wedding reception! Elise’s ‘teaparty’ theme influenced the cake design, the bonbonieres and other details at the reception – but the guests (and bridal party) had the most fun with the ride.

The ceremony was special for a quite different reason – Elise’s parents and grandparents had married in the same church, Wesley Uniting Church in Melbourne’s Lonsdale St. Because of the family’s history with the church, the building’s management team delayed some renovations/maintenance work just so Elise and Phill could marry there – wow! They were the last couple to get wedded there before the church closed for the renovations.

The weather turned bad in the afternoon when Nat Davies was trying to take some photos – but miraculously cleared up for the evening so the guests could enjoy the ride in Quat Quatta’s back carpark. The rain also had a very special bonus – it brought out a rainbow, something that has particular significance for Elise’s family.

Wesley Uniting Church
Quat Quatta
Nat Davies

Emma and Scott

Here’s something different – a fly-over for the arrival of the bride at the church! (though it may have also been for the Grand Prix). As if that wasn’t special enough, the couple organised a mass balloon release after the ceremony for everyone.

Emma had prepared a few extra surprises for Scott, too – including an impressively-stocked cigar bar and donut wall at the reception. Yes, a donut WALL. (They also had a flower wall which the guests took full advantage of). All that planning came together to create a fabulous happy day full that kept everyone entertained all day.

The ceremony was at Oaktree Anglican Church and the reception at Maison Melbourne in Elsternwick.

Jess and Ryan

I’ll always remember this wedding for its tears and laughter. Mostly they happened at the same time! Everyone knew there was no way Ryan could get through the bridal entrance dry-eyed (regardless of what he thought about it), and the moment he succumbs is both hilarious and beautiful. Jess just responded by laughing – something she did a lot of all day. This was also one of the liveliest bridal parties I’ve seen, especially during the photo shoot where their camaraderie was unleashed. What a fantastic happy day!

Jess and Thil at Wild Cattle Creek

There were two things I loved in particular about this wedding – the Sinhalese Buddhist ceremony in which the couple honoured the traditions of Thil’s family, and also the fact that the whole day took place in the one beautiful location, making it a really relaxed day for everyone. Well, it would have been if there hadn’t been a slight wardrobe problem… but that was soon solved with a little help from friends. The ceremony completed, the guests only had a short wait until the bridal party made their entrances into the reception and the party began.

Wild Cattle Creek, in the Yarra Valley
Photography by Fiona and GLen of Lionheart Photography