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Emma and Tristan

David, the minister at Emma and Tristan’s wedding, came up with a surprising analogy for getting married just before the ceremony began. I’m not sure I’d have responded as well as Tristan did, but he embraced the idea and ran with it! (you could say he jumped right into it.) In fact, Tristan and Emma both seemed incredibly relaxed and happy all day – and this helped everyone else enjoy the day too. The couple had chosen two fabulous locations for the formal parts of the day – from the imposing facade (with those steps!) of Scotch College’s chapel to the very contemporary setting of Carousel by Albert Park Lake.

A surprise bonus for me was realising I’d worked with Emma’s mum Bev many years before – though clearly the years haven’t been kind to me as it took her a moment to recognise me!

Scotch College
Photos by John, Sujon Photography

Jess and Andrew

Sometimes you know a wedding is going to be very special before it happens. I’d done three weddings in this particular group of friends already, so I expected hilarious fun mixed in with moments of deep emotion, particularly when it came to family. Jess and Andrew’s wedding delivered – and then some! There were so many great moments throughout the day – this video shows only a small fraction of them. But what was most beautiful to witness was the depth of love and affection that surrounded the couple on all sides. It was there throughout the day, provoking more than a few tears – but exploded into a joyous celebration at the reception. Music and party atmosphere supplied by the awesome “Paris by Night” band.

Ceremony at St Ignatius, Richmond
Reception at Leonda by the Yarra
Paris By Night band

Rosa and Rob

Rosa and Rob chose the beautiful RACV Inverloch resort for their wedding – and made the most of the fantastic location by having a ‘first look’ at nearby ‘Eagle’s Nest’, overlooking the sea. Before this, they’d done their preparations only 50m away from each other at adjacent cabins at the resort – talk about close! But apart from Rosa sneaking a peek out of the window at Rob walking past, they’d managed to keep apart until they met. “Is this a good idea, meeting at the top of a cliff?!” Rosa joked as she approached Rob.

First look accomplished (with lots of laughter and joy), the bridal party took to the beach for some photos then headed back to the RACV resort for their ceremony in front of a stunning coastal backdrop. Local celebrant Jacky Webster told many hilarious stories of the couple’s courtship (too long to include here, unfortunately). Then the guests played a range of games the couple had prepared to pass away the time until the reception. A special moment for Rosa and Rob was opening the doors for their guests to enter the reception room with its spectacular views. All in all, a hugely fun day topped off by some wild Italian dancing (and no, Rob isn’t Italian – he just looks it!)

RACV Inverloch resort
Photography by Lucas, Lens to Life (based on Phillip Island)
Celebrant: Jacky Webster

Anna and Peter

This hilarious wedding features the funniest vows I’ve ever heard – in fact I was tempted to make the whole highlights video the vows and nothing else! But that would have meant missing out on the beautiful setting (Manton’s Creek in Shoreham), as well as the excitement and nerves leading up to the ceremony. Peter had been laughing the whole afternoon, but when Anna arrived on the arm of her teary dad, he completely lost it and just wanted to hold his beautiful bride until he recovered himself. There were quite a few teary eyes at this moment!

Manton’s Creek Estate
Celebrant: Felicity Kerr
Photography by Sujon

Neda and Iman

After a quiet and intimate start (Neda and Iman were only separated by a wall for their preparations), this wedding turned into a huge and spectacular event- 2 ceremonies, a dove release, pyrotechnics and an amazing party with lots of Persian dancing. I love how Neda was excited throughout the whole day, while Iman stayed reserved until he hit the dance floor.

Linley Estate is becoming an increasingly sought-after venue with its lovely natural setting and fantastic service.

Linley Estate
Celebrant: Jacqueline Anstey
Easy-going photography by Pula at PixRay Photography