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Neda and Iman

After a quiet and intimate start (Neda and Iman were only separated by a wall for their preparations), this wedding turned into a huge and spectacular event- 2 ceremonies, a dove release, pyrotechnics and an amazing party with lots of Persian dancing. I love how Neda was excited throughout the whole day, while Iman stayed reserved until he hit the dance floor.

Linley Estate is becoming an increasingly sought-after venue with its lovely natural setting and fantastic service.

Linley Estate
Celebrant: Jacqueline Anstey
Easy-going photography by Pula at PixRay Photography

Anna and Adam

Without a doubt, this was one of the most relaxed and easy-going weddings I’ve filmed. While Adam didn’t see the dress before the ceremony began, the couple freely shared the beautiful house at Lawson Lodge for their preparations – taking away the ‘edge’ of being apart from the person they most want to be with. It probably also helped that Anna and Adam were already officially married in the USA (where they now live) earlier in the year. This wedding re-run was a return to Adam’s routes – Lawson Lodge is not far from Gisborne, where he grew up. Photographer Kate Deagan fitted in completely with the whole laid-back vibe – I used to regularly work with her before she moved to Castlemaine in 2015, and seeing her again was one of the many delights of this beautiful day.

Lawson Lodge
Kate Deagan

Elena and David

Everything about this wedding spoke of elegance and style – starting with 3 of Melbourne’s iconic locations, fitting in a spot of boating along the way, and then not one but two stunning bridal dances. It was forecast to be rainy for Elena and David’s ceremony by Rippon Lea’s lake – but unexpectedly the sun shone a blessing on their vows.

Gen and Ben

What a fabulous, playful wedding – apart from a rather nervy groom before the ceremony, this was laughter and fun all the way! Gen and Ben had a windy but sunny day for their outdoor ceremony at Ascot House, and then had a ball (literally) with the props supplied by Mauro, one of Melbourne’s leading wedding photographers. Followed by one helluva party inside afterwards – Ben’s worked as a DJ and he even made his own dance mix for their awesome bridal dance.

Ascot House
Dezign by Mauro

Sue and Myke

To make things easier, Sue and Myke separated out their wedding celebrations across 2 days. First, the Vietnamese traditions (prayers, tea ceremony, and present-giving) on Tuesday, and then 4 days later the ‘regular’ wedding in 2 of Melbourne’s most elegant and classic locations – Labassa mansion and Quat Quatta. This certainly helped make the wedding day itself quite laid back and leisurely (compared to some other weddings) – but there was still plenty of emotion in the ceremony, as you’ll see. To make the most of their day, Sue and Myke assembled a first-class team including celebrant Sally Hughes, Julian Meehan (originally from Serendipity Photography), and DJ Bruce Harrison.

Quat Quatta
Sally Hughes
Julian Meehan
Bruce Harrison