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Jess and Ryan

I’ll always remember this wedding for its tears and laughter. Mostly they happened at the same time! Everyone knew there was no way Ryan could get through the bridal entrance dry-eyed (regardless of what he thought about it), and the moment he succumbs is both hilarious and beautiful. Jess just responded by laughing – something […]

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Jess and Thil at Wild Cattle Creek

There were two things I loved in particular about this wedding – the Sinhalese Buddhist ceremony in which the couple honoured the traditions of Thil’s family, and also the fact that the whole day took place in the one beautiful location, making it a really relaxed day for everyone. Well, it would have been if […]

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Caroline and Alistair

Caroline and Alistair’s wedding was huge fun from start to finish – with a laid-back couple at the heart of it and a very playful bridal party. They were married in the glorious chapel at Catholic Ladies College in Eltham, where Caroline works – what an amazing backdrop! Then a short drive took everyone to […]

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