A time for giving..

Have you ever thought of a wedding as a time of giving? Not just your money away! (though there is plenty of that) – but your guests give you presents, as a couple you give promises to each other, you give your guests a great night of food, drink and entertainment, a father often ‘gives’ his daugter away etc etc.

In all this giving, there are a couple of things you give yourselves as a couple (apart from those vows) – the wedding album, and your wedding DVD. Perhaps that’s the best way to think of your wedding DVD – it’s a gift you give to your older selves in the future, when the years have gone by, perhaps kids have come and grown, hairs have grayed, memories have faded. (We could say it’s also a gift you give your children and grandchildren – to show how you looked and behaved on your wedding day, what their grandparents were like then etc).

So when you’re thinking about your wedding DVD (whether or not to get one, what style is should be, etc), perhaps you should start by asking “What will we want to see, hear and remember after 20, 30 years?”. If this is a hard thing to work out, you could try asking your own parents and grandparents what they’d like to have on a DVD of their wedding.

(photo by Eye to Eye Photography)