Asha – most adventurous bride of the year?

For any couples who haven’t been part of a bridal party – here’s a great example of what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ to make the final images – though I think ‘behind the scenes’ isn’t the right expression, ‘between the photos’ is more accurate, and this is where most of the fun actually happens!

Here’s the seemingly inexhaustible Shaun McKenna from ImageEight having fun with Asha and Bernie and their bridal party, first at Ballan railway station (halfway to Ballarat from Melbourne) and then again at a farm on the way up to Daylesford. Shaun’s a photographer who knows the most striking and memorable images are sometimes made by encouraging the couple to try things slightly outside their comfort zones – see what happens at the farm as an example! In preparation for the shoot, Shaun had scouted around to find locations that suited Asha and Bernie’s personalities, and I think the two places used were perfect for their laid-back, very down-to-Earth style.

A few of the many photos from this day are shown below – together with an article published in Asha and Bernie’s local paper The Courier. I was very glad Bernie’s father was included in the footage of the day so their family have a permanent record of him helping celebrate this very happy occasion.

In case you haven’t seen the ImageEight website, Shaun’s created an extensive visual directory of a wide range of wedding services, including some of Melbourne and Daylesford’s best wedding venues – a great resource for couples in the early stages of their wedding planning.

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