Belinda and Chris – wedding highlights

Regardless of how much a couple have looked forward to their wedding, there’s no telling how they’ll react on the day itself, and cope with the nerves surrounding such a public occasion – especially if they’re not fans of being in the spotlight. In the lead-up to their ceremony, Chris was telling himself to wiggle his toes – and a few minutes later told his groomsmen he wanted to punch. Something. Just. Punch. (He’s a martial arts instructor, and yet one of the gentlest and most quietly-spoken grooms I’ve met.) Meanwhile, Belinda showed she hadn’t lost her sense of humour outside the church in her reaction to photographer Shaun’s teasing.

And what a fabulous day they had! Some couples are just so comfortable with each other, it’s like they’ve been together forever. And with Belinda and Chris, this feeling of just being ‘right’ permeated the whole day.

Ceremony: Balwyn Anglican Church
Reception: Quat Quatta
Photography: Image Eight