Cassandra and David highlights

(This video is in HD – for the best viewing experience, click Play, then pause the video until it has finished loading).

As Cassandra mentions at one point in this clip, not everything went without a hitch at her wedding to David – but as you can see, it didn’t stop them having a brilliant day. The preparations were in Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula, followed by a ceremony on the Portsea Hotel’s fabulous upstairs balcony. Vows with a view! Two of Cassandra’s cousins had flown all the way from Poland to join in the celebrations, and were given the important task of helping Cass into her beautiful dress (which involved getting quite up-close and personal). Apparently David’s not a bad singer, but his sister wowed everyone with an achingly beautiful song at the reception in honour of the new couple.

Ceremony and reception – Portsea Hotel
Photography – Michaela, Gallery One

Filmed on the Canon 60D and 7D. 100% real, no staging.