Doreen and Damoon – highlights

Different couples have different reasons for wanting their wedding filmed – with Doreen and Damoon, two quietly-spoken, private people, it certainly wasn’t so they could watch themselves being the centre of attention, which was enough of a challenge for them on the day! But they wanted to share their wedding with their families overseas (what really happened on the day, not a fairytale version of it), and also so they could remember it themselves in the years to come.

And what a day they had. In today’s modern weddings, the serious and beautiful purpose at the heart of the day can sometimes appear to be overlooked. With Doreen and Damoon, the sense of awe and reverence for the step they were taking was never far from the surface – typified by Damoon reading and re-reading the order of service in his hotel room as he mentally (and emotionally) prepared himself for the ceremony, and by the sage advice given to Doreen by her mother. Which isn’t to say there was no fun to be had – in fact, the playful moments with the wig at Doreen’s preparations were among the funniest and most intimate moments I’ve ever filmed – made all the more hilarious by the fact that Doreen’s young niece was asleep in the next room, so everyone had to laugh and enjoy themselves in almost complete silence.

Ceremony: Christ Church, Hawthorn
Reception: Fenix in Richmond
Photography: Louisa Jones

Filmed on the Canon 60D and the Sony Z7. 100% real, no staging.