Elaine and Rob – highlights

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Elaine and Rob may come from very different backgrounds, but it’s what they have in common – a great sense of fun, appreciation for each others’ strengths, and their commitment to God – that makes their relationship work. This is a small taster of their beautiful (and very funny) wedding at the glorious Morning Star Estate in Mt Eliza. It was a scorching hot day in mid-February, and Rob at one point wondered aloud about the possibility of having the ceremony take place at the beach down the hill – in the water! (I’d have loved to film that, though I’m not sure Elaine would have approved).

Their pastor Ian Foley from Hope Christian Church in Waverley led a very beautiful and inspiring ceremony. In fact we’ve filmed the weddings of members of this congregation on several occasions, and they’ve always been very heartfelt and joyous occasions:

Eleanor and Lionel
Susan and Derek
Jasmine and Chris

In this video you’ll also enjoy the great views of and from Morning Star Estate, some lovely singing at the ceremony from their church group, and the odd dress-up – plus, en-masse Bollywood dancing at the reception which went down a treat!

Morning Star Estate
Photographer: Alvin Wong
Hope Christian Church