Elise and Phill

Here’s something unique – a teacup ride at a wedding reception! Elise’s ‘teaparty’ theme influenced the cake design, the bonbonieres and other details at the reception – but the guests (and bridal party) had the most fun with the ride.

The ceremony was special for a quite different reason – Elise’s parents and grandparents had married in the same church, Wesley Uniting Church in Melbourne’s Lonsdale St. Because of the family’s history with the church, the building’s management team delayed some renovations/maintenance work just so Elise and Phill could marry there – wow! They were the last couple to get wedded there before the church closed for the renovations.

The weather turned bad in the afternoon when Nat Davies was trying to take some photos – but miraculously cleared up for the evening so the guests could enjoy the ride in Quat Quatta’s back carpark. The rain also had a very special bonus – it brought out a rainbow, something that has particular significance for Elise’s family.

Wesley Uniting Church
Quat Quatta
Nat Davies