Emelie and Anthony highlights

(This video is in HD – for the best viewing experience, click Play, then pause the video until it has finished loading).

Beneath Emelie’s cool exterior and Anthony’s restlessness, you can sense the nerves as they prepare to be wed – natural enough for any couple getting married in a big church (St Ignatius in Richmond), in front of more than 100 friends and family. Many of Emelie’s family couldn’t make it all the way from Sweden, but Anthony (being Italian) had enough on his side to make up the numbers! As a key representative of the Swedish side, a very proud mother-of-the-bride got to walk Emelie down the long long aisle.

Aside from how glamorous everyone looked, I remember this day for the hilarity that accompanied the bridal party, especially whenever Johnny was around (you’ll work out who he is pretty quickly).

The reception was at Elsternwick’s Quat Quatta, a favourite of mine since the early days of Life in Motion. In fact, this was the first venue that added me to their ‘recommended suppliers’ list, and it’s wonderful to have an association with a venue that provides such fantastic service (and food).

Photography – Yervant
Ceremony – St Ignatius
Reception – Quat Quatta