Emma and Tristan

David, the minister at Emma and Tristan’s wedding, came up with a surprising analogy for getting married just before the ceremony began. I’m not sure I’d have responded as well as Tristan did, but he embraced the idea and ran with it! (you could say he jumped right into it.) In fact, Tristan and Emma both seemed incredibly relaxed and happy all day – and this helped everyone else enjoy the day too. The couple had chosen two fabulous locations for the formal parts of the day – from the imposing facade (with those steps!) of Scotch College’s chapel to the very contemporary setting of Carousel by Albert Park Lake.

A surprise bonus for me was realising I’d worked with Emma’s mum Bev many years before – though clearly the years haven’t been kind to me as it took her a moment to recognise me!

Scotch College
Photos by John, Sujon Photography