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Alessia and Brooke

The joy of this day shines through in the footage – Alessia and Brooke spend the whole day smiling, the bridal party are up for fun, and Stones of the Yarra Valley was its spectacular best in the Spring weather. And when the couple crack up in the middle of the vows, you know it’s not because they’re taking the moment too lightly – it’s just that their happiness can’t be constrained by the conventions of even this formal moment. The rest of the day followed suit, with excitement and laughter all the way.

Stones of the Yarra Valley
Lost in Love Photography

Natali and Alex

This day was such a delight to be part of – check out the lovely close relationship between Natali and her sister, the playful relationship between Alex and his brother (and what was that sword doing there?!), the proud-as-punch parents, no less than TWO live bands, and of course a very happy and appreciative couple at the centre of all the action. The church was in Forest Hill, while the reception was at Chateau Wyuna in Melbourne’s green fringe.

Chateau Wyuna
Photographer: Josie Lee
Greek band: Orchestra by PK
Balkan brass band: Opa Bato



A great day for Australia, for equality, for love and fairness. So much joy in the country right now.

Kerry and Chris

Some brides bubble over with excitement at various times during the wedding day, and Kerry is a great example! She and Chris have spent long stretches of time apart due to their jobs, and they currently live in Darwin – so there was great joy at them being together in Melbourne with families and friends. The couple also had a special reason for their choice of reception venue – Kerry’s parents had their wedding at the same location many years ago. The sense of tradition didn’t overwhelm the day though – there was still a huge amount of fun and laughter, and once the band got going in the evening the party took off!

Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Church, South Melbourne
Merrimu receptions
Very stylish photography by Euro Photography

Margarita and Michael at Maison

From the first minute I met Margarita and Michael, I knew that this was going to be a lively wedding and I wasn’t wrong! From Margarita’s hilarious preparations through to the chair ride during the dancing, this was an action-packed and often hysterical day. The partying never let up – certainly not in the limo rides between photo locations. Maison Melbourne provided the location for both the ceremony and the reception. Jon Tinkler from Millgrove Photography made the most of a wide range of locations for the photos. You can see his photos from the full day here.

Maison Melbourne