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Bec and Adam

I love a surprise wedding – the secrecy heightens the excitement and sense of fun. And that was certainly the case with Bec and Adam’s engagement-turned-wedding party. To keep the ceremony and reception flowing, Bec and Adam met up earlier in the day for a ‘reveal’ in the Fitzroy Gardens, followed by photos there and at Schwerkolt Cottage on the way to the reception. The Budgie Smuggler is a great little venue tucked away off Whitehorse Rd in Ringwood – they’ve been doing weddings for about 2 years and the vibe suited Bec and Adam’s relaxed celebrations perfectly.

The Budgie Smuggler
Photographer Mark Dayman

Cat and Luke

Cat and Luke wanted to make their wedding as relaxed and easy as possible, so they had it in one of the few places in Melbourne set up to cater for the WHOLE day – Linley Estate in leafy Kilsyth. This was a good idea because on their first date they’d gone to different restaurants by mistake! Actually, they were different franchises of the same chain – so it’s not as bad as it sounds, and obviously they eventually met up and hit it off. Which led, eventually, to this wonderful, genuinely sweet day of celebration.

Linley Estate
Photos by Lavan Photography

Gen and Ben’s wedding dance

Another in our series of fabulous bridal dances, this one from Gen and Ben who grab their moment in the spotlight by the horns and don’t let go until the ride’s over. Ben did his own mash-up of songs (he’s a DJ) and the choreography incorporates lots of moves to show off Gen’s amazing dress. Plus there are not one but TWO lifts! The best thing about it, though, is how much fun they’re having – it’s written all over their faces.

You can see the highlights video from their wedding here.

Raina and Cory’s dance

OK, not every couple has the time and confidence to put together a full dance routine, especially one that has multiple song changes and brings the whole bridal party in for the big finale. But Raina and Cory managed it in style and we thought it was worth sharing and celebrating! Now perhaps not every move came off perfectly, but in the end it didn’t matter at all – everyone had a ball with it (especially the bridal party, as it gave each one of them a real sense of being part of the occasion) and what an awesome way to kick off the party. In coming weeks we’ll feature a few more of these dances – hopefully they inspire some couples out there to try something similar!

For Raina and Cory’s highlights video, click here.

Raina and Cory’s wedding movie

Not a short highlights video, this is Raina and Cory’s full wedding movie. The longer the movie, the more of the day we can include – and there were so many great moments from this day we overshot the 15-minute target! I love the way both Raina and Cory got emotional in their vows – usually only one person will get teary (if it happens at all). And then the bridal dance was sensational – in fact it was so much fun we’re going to share the full dance in a separate post. DJ Bruce Harrison kept things lively and entertaining at the reception in his usual inimitable fashion.

Tatra Receptions
David Schneider celebrant
Will Chao photographer
Bruce Harrison DJ