The 2 weddings

Welcome to the Life in Motion blog, where we’re going to share our thoughts on weddings and wedding videography in particular. Here’s something to start off:

It sometimes seems to us that there are 2 versions of each wedding day – there’s the glamorous, gorgeous, perfect day that some brides have imagined in their heads for many years, and then there’s the day as it REALLY happens, moment to moment.

The first version is what  most wedding photography and videography tries to show – everybody looks fantastic and composed (and perhaps just a little bit lifeless). Real wedding days are actually nothing like this fantasy world of perfect elegance and grace – each wedding is a unique mixture of fun, stress, emotion, mis-haps, a bit of drama, and a whole heap of excitement. It’s this REAL day that Life in Motion captures, as we believe that one day it’ll mean more to you than all those carefully-posed images. It’s the one where you share those laughs with your best friends, and have countless small moments of affection and love with the most important people in your lives.

Amanda sharing a laugh with friends.

So if you’d like to know what a wedding day is REALLY like, make an appointment to watch through one of our DVDs. If you’ve never been part of a bridal party, it may not be quite what you expected from all those glossy magazine photos, but we believe it’s much more beautiful and fun. And one day, it’ll be the closest thing you can get to actually being there again.