How to be funny

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OK, some people are blessed with being naturally funny, and some people are less gifted. (I’m in the latter category, just ask my wife). But adding even a small bit of (non-corny) humour to a speech at a wedding reception does an enormous amount to make it enjoyable for the guests. In this excerpt, from the wedding of Stephanie and Owen, the groom’s brother gives a few clues about how to achieve this:

1. Tell a funny story about the couple. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate the events slightly if it makes it more entertaining (I’m not suggesting telling lies… but a small stretching of the truth is allowed!).

2. In the telling of the story, throw in a simple impersonation or two of the main characters (especially if they’re the bride and groom). People will appreciate the effort and if you’ve picked a good mannerism, they’ll lap it up.

3. and finally.. if you have a killer line (as the speaker does here, at the end of the excerpt), then pause just slightly and look around before you deliver it, to draw everyone in.

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