Katrina and Ben – photo session

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Most couples would say they want their wedding day to be a happy one, with lots of fun and laughter. Achieving this, amongst all the nerves, scheduling, and busy-ness is another matter, of course – but here’s a fantastic example of it. I’ve rarely seen as much laughter on a wedding day as at Katrina’s and Ben’s celebrations at the beautiful Yarra Ranges Estate. It’s a good start if the couple themselves have a great sense of humour and are down-to-earth (check Katrina’s take on high heels) – then create some space in the schedule for everyone to relax, and finally surround them with people who are up for as much fun and laughter as the couple.. and this is the result!

Having a great time alongside Katrina and Ben were celebrant John Burns (only mentioned in this clip, but you can see him in action here), Rodney (wedding coordinator at Yarra Ranges Estate – previously at Tatra and Bram Leigh), providing his usual fabulous service to the couple and also assorted wisecracks from the sidelines, and the very energetic Robyn Slavin (photographer), who at one point had to ask the bridal party to not laugh so much, so she could get some more formal photos! All in all, a wonderful happy day to be part of – I’ve got a feeling this couple will do alright.

Here are some of the results of Robyn’s running around:

Yarra Ranges Estate
Robyn Slavin
John Burns