Kim and Yul

One of the many great things about this job is being able to witness the celebrations of many different cultures – apart from anything else, it takes me back to my years as an ESL teacher for adult migrants (I’m sure I got as much from the classes as the students did). Kim and Yul’s families both come originally from Muaritius, and their traditional music and dancing played a big role at their reception.

This is an older wedding (March 2010, before I started using a Digital SLR camera), but it’s still a favourite day that I love remembering through the video. The weather turned against Kim and Yul on the day, but fortunately it stayed clear for Kim’s horse-drawn arrival at Tatra, and the rain didn’t dampen the joy of the celebrations. Their two children played important roles on the day as well – strengthening the impression I had that family really does come first for this couple.

This is a short highlights clip from a very entertaining and heart-warming DVD.

This video is in HD – for the best playing experience, click on “Play” then pause the video until it’s finished loading. If your computer is running too slowly, turn HD off and enjoy!