Laura and Nick – wedding highlights

When I first met this couple, Laura ‘warned’ me that it was going to be a bit of a ‘Glee’ wedding, due to her love of musical theatre, dressing-up, and also because of the performances at the reception. And she wasn’t wrong! Oh yes, she also explained that she had studied film-making at uni and was very choosy, so no pressure there, hey… đŸ˜‰

When a wedding is largely at the one location, it almost always helps create a very relaxed atmosphere in the couple and bridal party, and in all the guests – there’s something about knowing you’re there for the rest of the day that enables everyone to relax, settle in, and make the most of the surroundings. And that’s what happened here, at the very picturesque Inglewood Estate in Eltham.

Look out for Laura having great fun with dress-ups for the pre-ceremony photos, some entertaining comments from the groom and groomsmen as they wait for Laura’s arrival, a rather teary Father of the Bride accompanying Laura down the aisle, and the spectacular fun with sparklers that photographer Gerard set up in the evening.

Ceremony and reception: Inglewood Estate
Photography: Gerard Assi