Marty and Alan

As a surprise for their guests, Marty and Alan arranged for a fabulous Latin dance group to come out and liven things up towards the end of their reception at Linley Estate. And did it what! Not that the day wasn’t full of action and fun already – a 12-person bridal party, “Dukes of Hazzard” cars for Alan and his groomsmen, their 21-month-old twins Georgia and Levi, and the awesome Rumours band made sure of that! Sadly, one of the bridesmaids passed away shortly before the wedding, and in a special and moving tribute Marty kept a place for her at the reception table by her side. There were definitely some emotional moments during the day – but overwhelmingly this was a day of laughter, wild dancing and a bit of vodka drinking. Alan Jacobs did a splendid job as both celebrant and MC, a double-act that makes perfect sense. And Andrew of Passion8 photography – who I’m happy to say is a regular wedding colleague – kept things jovial and clean.

Linley Estate
Alan Jacobs
Andrew Harrison, Passion8 Photography
Rumours band