Melbourne’s our home town, where we’ve filmed many hundreds of weddings over the last 10 years. We’ve also expanded to filming in Sydney due to popular demand – very exciting for us, but it means fewer dates are available for local weddings. If you’re interested to see if we’re available for your wedding – today’s a good time to check!

So, ready for reality? Most videographers would have you believe weddings are like serene, romantic dreams, with the couple drifting gracefully through the day. In my experience, weddings are much closer to romcoms – lots of laughter, action, emotional moments when you least expect them, and heaps of character. And that’s just what we aim to show in our videos – not a romantic interpretation of the day, but the day itself. Some couples call it the ‘behind-the-scenes’ version. As if somehow there’s an ‘official performance’ and then there’s the rest of the day… we believe it’s all worth filming and remembering!

Speakers or headphones required – unlike many wedding videos that cut out most of the live sound, we use it extensively to capture the real atmosphere and fun of the day.


Dorothy and Daniel

A Polish wedding = vodka, dancing, bread + salt + vodka, crazy games, and a whole lot of partying! Dorothy and Daniel had a fabulous fun day, supported by three of the most glamorous bridesmaids ever (even in their dressing gowns) and three excitable groomsmen. After the intense emotions at the ceremony, the bridal party well and truly relaxed for the photos with New Zealand photographers James and Cam – then pumped up the excitement for their entrance at Quat Quatta. Dorothy and Daniel pulled off a spectacular bridal dance as soon as they entered the reception, which inspired the guests to some of the wildest dancing I’ve seen in a while!

St Ignatius, Richmond
Quat Quatta
Chasewild Photography


Sarah and Chris

A fabulous and funny wedding at Stones of the Yarra Valley. Sarah had an absolute ball all day – she claims someone slipped her a valium (because she wasn’t nervous) but she’s anything but low-energy! As the Akon song “Angel” puts it – ‘she got that whole place glowing’. Chris had chosen his four younger brothers to be his bridal party, and they kept him on his toes – even during the ceremony. Sarah’s aunt Helen came down from Sydney to be the celebrant, bringing a beautiful personal touch to the formalities – and then what a party followed! Tania and Richard Savage took the photos – lots and lots of them (and provided mock surprise as required).

Venue: Stones of the Yarra Valley
Photography: Tania Savage
Celebrant: Helen Williams


Sara and David

The moment Sara and Dave started talking about wanting a “Back to the Future” theme for their wedding video, I knew this wasn’t going to be a standard wedding – and I was right! Even the rabbi got in on the action with a quote from the movie – but that’s only the start of what made this wedding so fun and unique. From Dave’s enthusiasm to get away after the ceremony, to the joyous celebrations at the reception, this was a day to remember!

International of Brighton
Photography by Jonny Tam


Sharon and Kane

You always know the couple are regular party animals if their guests take to the dance floor with a vengeance – and from what happened in the beautiful front room at Leonda by the Yarra, I’d say Sharon and Kane are no strangers to wild parties! (And we haven’t even included the footage of the groom stripping down later in the night). Club Tropical kept everyone on their feet most of the night, including a whole set of Mauritian songs that went down a treat.

Ceremony: St Mary’s, St Kilda East
Reception: Leonda by the Yarra
Photography: Blumenthal Photography


Beth and Xavier

It’s always a privilege to accompany a couple through their wedding day, and fascinating to compare them ‘before and after’ the ceremony, which is a nerve-racking experience for most people. Take Beth and Xavier for example – Beth clearly nervous in the lead-up, but then more and more exhuberant as the evening came on; while Xavier was a hilarious live-wire before the ceremony, who settled into a contented state of admiration for his glowing wife. Watch out for how Xavier coped with the waiting in the church, and the obligatory Facebook status update – “It’s official now!”


Renata and Montgomery

Recipe for a fabulous wedding – great family and friends, don’t be afraid to have some fun, know that you’re going to have a wonderful day ahead of time, and choose a great reception venue (here, Butleigh Wootton). Renata and Montgomery got it all right at their wedding, and enjoyed a full and exhilarating day (and evening).