My first ever wedding DVD…

My (now) wife and I were planning our wedding some years ago. Well, she was doing most of the planning (things would be different now!), but we both wanted to make sure the day would be recorded so we could look back on it together. We looked at examples of professional wedding videos, but we thought – none of them are anything like an actual wedding day, which is what we wanted captured… so we decided against a professional wedding videographer. We didn’t see ourselves drifting around in slow-motion to a dreamy pop song. It seemed so corny and.. well, rather vain.

Instead, my wife and I asked a couple of friends to film the day for us, as their wedding presents. ‘Just walk around and film whatever you see that you think is interesting’. (One had been a wedding photographer some years before, the other was a TV writer/producer/director).

And that was the first wedding DVD I put together – my own wedding (with my wife’s input). Whenever we watch it, it’s just like we’re back there again, going through the day. All the little details, the chatter, the atmosphere, the fun. It’s true they didn’t capture everything, but what we do have is real and full of life. Thanks Richard and Ross!

Then it occurred to me that other couples might like that too – a genuine record of the actual day they had, rather than the events transformed into something more ‘romantic’. (As if the actual wedding day wasn’t good enough as it was). And that was the start of Life in Motion.