Natasha and Tuvya

“The look of love” is an over-used phrase, but I can think of no other words to describe the expression on Natasha’s face at various times in this video. Not that Tuvya doesn’t have some great expressions too, but it’s clear who’s the more emotional of the two! There was something else exceptionally beautiful about this day too – Natasha wanted to get married at the Aged Care home where she works, so some of the people she cares for (in all senses of the words) could be present. As if to bless this choice, the day was a fabulous, sunny one – perfect weather for a reception on St Kilda beach at Encore.

(And no, Natasha and Tuvya aren’t neighbours – but in a stroke of brilliant planning they organised with Natasha’s neighbours for Tuvya to get ready in their house – super convenient for the photographers and myself!).

Reception – Encore
Photography – Nadine Saacks (down from Sydney for the wedding)