Negin and Max

Various cultures have the beautiful tradition of the ‘first look’ – that moment when the bride and groom first see each other. Away from the overwhelming emotions of a public ceremony, it becomes a very intimate and personal moment. So it is with Negin and Max, both from a Persian background. The intensity of the moment is written all Max’s face – while Negin, naturally more light-hearted and fun-loving, just can’t stop smiling. After the meeting there were lots of photos to take with the family and bridal party before everyone headed north to Ballara in the beautiful green surroundings of Eltham. Ballara is one of those wonderful ‘all-in-one’ venues where there’s room for outdoor/indoor ceremonies as well as the reception. Makes it very easy for everyone! The Craig Francis band got the place jumping at the reception, but it was the Persian music that really got the guests excited.

Mark Dayman photography
Mario M Anders – celebrant