Nicole and Aaron at RACV Country Club

The RACV Country Club in Healesville really has everything a couple could want on their wedding day, including rooms to prepare in, a stunning ceremony location, big and classy reception room, lots of great photo spots, and the chance to ride on a golf buggy. And Nicole and Aaron certainly made the most of it! There were a few nervous moments (especially when one of the groomsmen hid Aaron’s bowtie) but overall this was such a fun day – especially whenever flowergirl Isla got in on the action. She’s the daughter of bridal party members Reahn and Dale, whose wedding we filmed in 2010 – it’s wonderful to catch up with couples again after a few years and see how their families are growing.

Nicole sprung a special surprise for Aaron at the ceremony – a beautiful song performed by her brother and a friend.

RACV Country Club
Photography by Natalie Davies