Our Approach

Real life is so much more interesting and beautiful than anything staged, or created in the editing suite.”

When we go to the movies, two things above all else engage and entertain us – the characters, and the story (what’s going to happen next?). It’s strange then, that so much wedding videography sacrifices these two qualities in the pursuit of something more glamorous and romantic – as if somehow the wedding day by itself isn’t good enough.

At a wedding, I’m constantly on the lookout for the sudden, spontaneous moments that reveal people’s characters, their sense of humour, their emotion – everything that makes them and the day unique.

My passion is capturing these moments so that when you watch your wedding DVD you can say “Yes, that’s exactly what our wedding was, that’s you and me, that’s our family and friends as we know and love them – captured forever”. What greater record of the day could there be?