Our award-winning short film…

What do wedding videographers do in the off-season, apart from edit all those weddings? Well, the Life in Motion team made a short film for the inaugural “Poetry in Film Festival” at the Como Cinema in South Yarra, and to our great excitement we scooped the awards – Best Overall Film, Audience Choice Award, and Best Interpretation of the Poem.

Much of the success of the film came from beautifully-played and hilarious performances from our two leads, Tom Carmody and Jeremy Kewley. Jeremy’s was touring the country as part of the “West Side Story” cast at the time, and we appreciate the fact that he found time in his busy schedule to take part in the film.

You can see the whole film here, on our Vimeo channel:


Emma (Life in Motion videographer 2009-2011), Langdon (Life in Motion director/videographer), Tom (actor) and Jeremy (actor)