Photographers and tears

No, this isn’t about photographers making people cry.

Some photographers see their job at a wedding is to take great photos, and they put all their energy and focus on that. Other photographers see their role as something more – a friend/adviser/assistant to the couple, to help them make the most of their day. I don’t think either way is ‘right’ – what’s right for any individual couple is a very personal thing.

Here’s a great example of the hands-on approach (that’s also taken with great success by Kate Deagan of Studio K8) – Andrew, from Passion8 Photography, helps lighten the mood at Katie’s preparations when it’s needed, provides expert flower-pinning services, gives ‘Bridesmaid duties 101’ classes etc – and even manages to take a few photos on the side! As Katie herself said, she’d been rather highly-strung leading up to the wedding – but she was able to let go of that and had a ball on the day. No doubt part of this was due to her trust of the people around her, and their ability to make her laugh and relax at the right moment.

And the tears? It was rather an emotional day for Katie and her family – included in this clip are at least 3 useful strategies for dealing with a sudden and make-up-compromising flow of tears.

Photography – Passion8

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