Candice and Mathew – photos at Poet’s Lane

An excerpt from the full-length DVD – we join the bridal party relaxing and posing for photos, then follow them into the bridal suite at Poet’s Lane for nibblies before their entrance into the reception. This is often the most relaxed and care-free part of the day for a couple – the ceremony’s out of the way, and the formalities of the evening are far enough off not to worry about.

There are a few things I love about this clip:

  • the playful bantering of the bridal party (starting to really relax for possibly the first time all day)
  • the choice of music – Melbourne’s own Cat Empire (we love getting songs that aren’t typical ‘wedding tracks’)
  • and the way the bridal party – who initially were rather self-conscious when I started filming- are at this stage so comfortable with my presence that they’re all just being themselves.

Watching the footage, it feels like I’m there again, joining in the fun and laughter and looking forward to the party to come… and a great party it was!

Venue: Poet’s Lane
Photography: Kelly from Studio Max