Rachel and Daniel – photos with BluePrint Photography

Here’s another look at what really goes on during the wedding photo shoot, to make the fantastic images that end up in the couple’s wedding album. Rachel and Daniel chose Chris from Blue Print Photography as their photographer, and together they’d worked out a number of places to go, including (and this is important!) a place to relax and grab a bite to eat. All the four locations in this short video were within 10 minutes’ drive of each other, yet offered a huge variety of backdrops for the photos. Good for the photo album, and good for Rachel and Daniel who didn’t have to spend half their day sitting in a car travelling! Watch the video through to see all the action and also the great images that Chris created along the way.

Chris was kind enough to include us in his ‘top 5 wedding vendors’ on Polka Dot Bride, a very popular source of inspiration for many many brides:


A word of caution for any brides considering doing much walking on their wedding day – take a second (comfortable) pair of shoes with you!

Blue Print Photography