Renee and Mike – highlights video

While most wedding videographers seem to draw inspiration from photography and music video clips, my main inspiration is the superb weddings I attend. Every one is an amazing non-stop roller-coaster of fun, emotion, excitement and joy, and my sole aim is to capture it all as fully – and as truthfully – as I can. It’s never easy to condense all that action into a short video – and weddings like Renee and Mike’s make it almost impossible. Where to start! Take in the stunning setting of Sydney’s Royal National Park, the exuberance of the bridal party, Renee’s ‘Oh my God!’ dress, the explosion of a party fuelled by the sensational Soul Arte band, the dapper groom… one incredible day.

To all the English viewers (Mike’s friends and family): not all Aussie girls are as gorgeous as Renee, but you can choose to believe they are if you want to.

And here in Australia, we know not all Englishmen are as charming and funny and dashing as Mike… but we like to pretend they are. First ever groom to reference John Cleese in his bridal dance.

Audley Room, Royal National Park
Photography by Damien Wild
Soul Arte band