These days, just about all wedding videographers (except Life in Motion) claim to offer ‘Cinematic Wedding Videography’. Or ‘Creative Wedding Cinematography’. Or something along those lines.

This is partly an attempt to distance themselves from the traditional slow-motion ‘cheesy’ style of 30 years ago (which hardly anyone offers any more), and also from the more natural, straight-forward ‘videojournalistic’ style. Also, you may see claims that videojournalistic (or ‘documentary’) wedding videos are long and boring.

In reality, the differences between the Cinematic and Videojournalistic styles have nothing to do with the length of the videos, or how entertaining they are. Read below to find out what really distinguishes these two approaches. Then head over to our Gallery page, or to the blog, to see the Life in Motion videojournalistic style in action.

Note: Some companies claim to do both – but as you read the list, you’ll soon appreciate it’s not possible: it’s a choice of either ‘cinematic’ or real-life.

Wedding Video styles