Susan and Derek

This video is in HD – for the best playing experience, click on “Play” then pause the video until it’s finished loading. If your computer is running too slowly, turn HD off and enjoy!

17/9/11: It may have all been calm and quiet at 7am when I started filming, but it didn’t take long for the fun to start! By the time we all arrived at Butleigh Wootton for the ceremony and lunchtime reception, Derek was practically jumping around in excitement and anticipation. And the elegance and beauty of the venue made a perfect backdrop to the photos and celebrations for this classy couple.

Their first public kiss at the ceremony was a little self-conscious as you’d expect – but this shyness wore off by the reception as you’ll see!

The photos were taken by Jefferson ( ) who had a connection with one of the bridesmaids, so there was lots of laughter and ‘in-jokes’ to keep the day merry.

Filmed on the Canon 60D. 100% real, no staging.