The awful truth about wedding videos

Imagine… you make friends with some new neighbours in the street, and they find out you’re engaged. “Congratulations – we got married a couple of years ago… you must come over and watch our wedding DVD!”

Now, being honest…. how would you feel at that moment?

If you’ve seen many wedding videos already, chances are you’ve got a sinking feeling in your stomach. How can we get out of this without offending anyone?

Because the awful truth about wedding videos is that most of them are unbearable to watch for anyone other than those immediately involved. All the usual things we look for in any movie – pace, engaging characters, storyline, sparkling dialogue, humour/energy/suspense – are largely absent. And what you’re left with is a slow, stilted, predictable series of images that are deadly boring to watch for most people.

Are wedding days themselves the problem – are they slow, predictable, drained of life? In our experience, these are the LAST things a wedding day is like. If anything, they’re full of excitement, nerves, humour, unpredictable moments, emotion, character and great dialogue. And they fly by like crazy, so the couple can’t believe it’s all over at the end of the reception.

So why does watching a wedding DVD seem to take foreeeeeeeeeeeeever?

We reckon it’s because most wedding videographers aren’t trying to capture all those great things about the day – they’re simply trying to make the couple look glamorous/beautiful/funky. So anything that doesn’t fit that mould is ignored.

If you’d like to see what a real wedding day is like, come in to our office and watch through one or two of our DVDs. Because in the end, you can get one of those deadly boring DVDs that people will run a mile to avoid, or you can get a real record of just how great your day was that ALL your family and friends will love.