The joy of wedding videography

Most of the time, we have only fleeting contact with people outside our immediate family or the circle of our workmates. We meet strangers briefly while out shopping, or in a variety of everyday/social situations – then are just as quickly gone. Even when we catch up with good friends, it’s often for a few hours at most (or less, if all we can find time for is a coffee).

So it’s quite an extraordinary thing to to be invited to share much of one day with two people, to be there while they go through the nervous preparations, to witness the promises they make to each other, to see the relief when it’s done, and share the joyous partying that is so often the culmination of it all. It’s an honour and a privilege that I’ll never take for granted.

The exciting thing about the Life in Motion approach for me – capturing the real events of the day, rather than creating a series of romantic cliches – is that much of the time (ceremony and speeches aside) I truly have no idea what will happen next… but whatever it is, I’ll be there to record it almost before anyone noticed I had my camera up and rolling. I can always tell when someone in the bridal party has been part of a few weddings before, with other videographers – they’re always mystified by how much time I spend filming, and also what I’m filming – why am I running around filming everything that goes on? Why aren’t I just concentrating on getting those lovely images of the couple? The answer is, I think that’s what your photographer’s there for – I’m there to capture as much of the day as I can, so the couple can re-live all of it (not just the romantic moments set up by the photographer).

So a huge thank you to all the couples who have asked me to share in their wedding days. In October, I was present at the weddings of 6 couples – all very different from each other but all fabulous happy occasions. Truly, no two weddings are the same, in much the same way that no two marriages are – because they represent two individuals coming together.

So thanks to Candice and Mathew, Melanie and Stuart, Ebony and Michael, Kylie and David, Karen and Glen, and Christina and Con – I had a ball at each of your weddings and can’t wait to share the footage with you!