Tish and Phil – the dances!

Not all couples have the time, energy, or confidence to prepare a choreographed dance for their wedding – it’s something of an achievement if they do, and it’s always a great way to start the party at the reception.

It’s even more impressive when the whole bridal party get involved – just think about the logistics of the rehearsals! But there are two great benefits to it: firstly, what a great way to entertain your guests. And secondly, the way it brings the bridal party together guarantees a sense of fun and teamwork on the wedding day that can’t be matched.

Here are the entrance dance, featuring the full bridal party, and then the bridal dance of Tish and Phil at Mt Dandenong’s SkyHigh restaurant. Absolutely fabulous, and it won’t surprise you to know the party that followed was an absolute ripper.


Bridal dance:

You can see the rest of their wonderfully entertaining and joyous wedding here.