Why video?


“Won’t the photos be enough? Why should we pay for two people to capture the wedding?”

Because…. the reality is that most wedding photographers aren’t there to ‘record the story of your day’. Most wedding photography has more in common with fashion photography than photojournalism (a few rare photographers aside). So when you get your photos back, there’ll be many fabulous shots of you as a couple… but you may be dismayed to find that so many of your great memories of the day aren’t captured at all in the images.

Sadly, much wedding videography works the same way – if something isn’t glamorous and romantic, why film it? In reality, only small parts of any wedding day fit that bill… and the rest go unrecorded.

From my perspective, it’s the ‘ordinary’ moments that are beautiful and extraordinary. Sharing a funny comment with a best friend. Mum watching from the doorway as you make your final preparations. Laughing with your new husband/wife as you compare how nervous you both were at the ceremony. These moments aren’t the big, obvious ones – but they’re real, beautiful, unpredictable, and might just end up meaning more to you than all the classic ‘big’ moments of a wedding day.

Great photos evoke beautiful ideas and emotions. Great videography transports you back in time so you can re-live your wedding day over and over again. Who said you could only get married once?