Xia and Sylvester – wedding highlights

There’s a special warmth to weddings where the couple are surrounded by two loving and proud families, and by a party of friends full of affection for the bride and groom. And ready to have fun! Xia and Sylvester almost went out of their way to make sure the day would be a great experience for all their guests – from having the ceremony and reception at the one, beautiful location (Inglewood Estate in Eltham) to providing a collection of games for the guests to enjoy at the reception. An over-simplified tagline to this wedding could have been “The party girl and the chess champion”, but look just a bit deeper and you find a lot in common – Xia and Sylvester have similar lines of work, and more importantly share a goofy sense of humour. Theirs is going to be one fun marriage!

Inglewood Estate
Celebrant – Margaret Collier
Laura Wakelam Photography