Yola and Ziggy – highlights

When Yola and Zeeyaad first contacted me from Dubai via email, they told me they were a very laid-back couple that love to laugh. And they weren’t kidding, as this video shows! The only thing they couldn’t arrange from overseas was to bring a bit of that hot weather with them… but that didn’t stop them having an absolute ball on rainy Cup Day, at Ballara in Melbourne’s north. Some personal highlights of the day – the banter between the couple and their family and friends, the vows (amazing how people can laugh and cry at the same time), and of course the Lebanese dancing as the party kicked off. Yola and Zeeyaad chose the very entertaining John Burns for their celebrant, and Peter Tancevski to take the photos. A very funny day made all the more special by the way it brought two families together from all over the world and Australia.

Ceremony and reception – Ballara Receptions
Celebrant – John Burns
Photography – Peter Tancevski, Eye to Eye Photography
Band – Allegro

This file is in HD – for best results, click Play then pause the video until it completely loads.