About Me

Langdon and Tracey

The first wedding video I made was my own – two friends filmed our day and then I put the movie together, over many months. It’s full of wonderful candid moments with family and friends, and watching it is the closest my wife and I can get to being there again. 

It’s not the shots of ourselves that mean the most – it’s the memories of our families and friends.
Everyone looks so happy and young – even the older family members. And some of those in the video aren’t around any more, making their presence in our wedding movie all the more precious. 

A year later I thought: maybe other couples would like a wedding movie that understands that everyone and every moment at a wedding is priceless. Would like to remember how much fun their wedding was, instead of getting a videographer to do the same job as their photographer – make the day ‘look romantic’.  And so Life in Motion was born.